Cockroach, Sugar and Maida in Chocolate?

Some healthy Chocolate for me please ;)

Cockroach in Chocolate

The International Cocoa Standard states a maximum limit for beans that are damaged by insects and not whole insects in the bean (No company is allowed to have insects in Chocolate). (for detailed read:

What happens in Sihi?

Every Cacao bean that enters Sihi comes from hygienic fermentation units that comply with less than 0.5% insect damaged beans and almost nil moldy beans that don’t really need further sterilization as per tests conducted. But once it enters, Sujatha and Niveditha ensure to double (four eyes to be precise) check it. Even if something happens to miss their eyes, the beans further get a scientific roast at a temperature ranging between 90 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius to not just develop our authentic beautiful Chocolate flavor but also sterilizes the beans thoroughly (and did we mention the antioxidants are taken good care of as well?).

(The only animal we have in our chocolate is probably the bunny face formed by our bunny chocolate mould ;p)

Sugar in Chocolate

Yes, there is sugar in Chocolate and it varies between 1% all the way upto 80% or even more.

How much are we adding? The least possible. You can simply calculate the amount of sugar by reducing the amount of Cacao percentage in the chocolate you buy from us and the remaining is Khandsari plus Rolled Oats sometimes Whole Vanilla Pod.

What is Khandsari? It’s an iconic desi sugar of India with high mineral content (average nutritional facts of Khandsari is very close to jaggery). It is produced by washing liquid jaggery crystals in water (all the goodness of jaggery minus all the pungent flavors of jaggery, you will have to taste our Chocolate to believe it).

(for detailed read:

Maida in Chocolate

Maida in Chocolate? It is no more a Chocolate, it is called a Chocolate flavored product or a Chocolate confection.

Then what does Chocolate really have?

Chocolate has the following ingredients, Cacao Nibs (and/or cacao solids and cacao butter), Sugar, emulsifiers, flavoring and milk solids (only in milk and white chocolate).

Our Chocolate is even simpler, just Cacao Nibs, Khandsari and whole Vanilla Pod (that’s strained out once the Chocolate is done, so don’t you worry!). While our Chocolate is surely free from insects it is doubly sure free from chemicals or anything artificial!

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