Hot chocolate and hot cocoa: are they really different?

Hot Chocolate is made with real Chocolate, while Hot Cocoa is made with Cocoa/Cacao Powder. Read on to know how and when you make these two beauties in full detail.

Hot chocolate is a combination of two simple ingredients: Purest Couverture Chocolate and Milk (either vegan or vegetarian). It is a dense and creamy mixture with a subtle butteriness from rich Cacao Butter. Warm and cozy indulgence for those chilly days.

How to make:

Take two spoons of Sihi Hot Chocolate Mix in a glass. Pour three spoons of hot milk on top. Blend with spoon thoroughly to make a thin ganache. Once fully combined, pour hot milk (as per your requirement) and mix into the ganache. Hot Chocolate is now ready. 1 Package of Sihi Hot Chocolate Mix (175g) makes, an average 7 servings. If you would like a denser version add more chocolate or if you want a lighter version add more milk.

Hot Cocoa on the other hand is lighter since it is made from Cacao / Cocoa Powder, milk, sweetner, sometimes flavourings such as cinnamon, vanilla etc. Once it is ready it can even be chilled and would make a perfect summery drink.

How to make:

Take one spoon of Sihi Cacao Powder and milk in a pan. Our Cacao powder is completely free from sweetners, ensure to additionally add sugar as per your liking and spice it up with your favourite spices such as cinamon, clove, star anise etc. Stir and cook this mixture, until you start to smell a subtle Chocolatey aroma. Remove from heat and consume immediately hot or when warm or cool it and consume later. 1 Package of Sihi Cacao Powder (175g) makes, an average 14 servings. If you would like a stronger version add more powder or if you want a lighter version add more milk.

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